3 Minute Video Guide on the IRS Four-Part Test

In Swanson Reed’s latest video tutorial series, we break down the elements of the IRS four-part test in just three minutes. In order to qualify for the R&D Tax Credit a research activity must meet all items of the four-part test.

The four requirements are:

  1. Technological in Nature
  2. Process of Experimentation
  3. Technical Uncertainty
  4. Permitted Purpose

Our latest video goes through each of these one by one. If your company fulfils all of the four-part test standards, then contact Swanson Reed for more information on how we can advance your company’s market value and boost its bottom line through the Research and Development Tax Credit.

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV2XWSV4TOc

The IRS’ 4-Part Test to Qualify for the R&D Tax Credit – SwansonReed

Curious if your business qualifies for the R&D Tax Credit? This video introduces you to the IRS’ 4-part test that determines eligibility.

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