Audit Advisory Services

One of the reasons businesses fail to take advantage of the financial benefits provided by R&D tax credits is the fear of being audited by the IRS. The US government could audit any company at any time; it’s the way they work to ensure compliance. When you prepare, plan and understand how to keep your accounts and documentation correctly, the fear of an audit is removed.

Don’t Let an Audit Stand in Your Way

Auditing is one area you need to be prepared for and something that should be on the top of your list of considerations throughout the claims and eligibility processes of the R&D tax credit claim.

It may sound stressful and daunting, but it does not need to be. The risk of an audit should not stand in your way of developing your business and making improvements that would benefit the industry and economy.

Be Prepared with Swanson Reed

Defending audits need not feel like fighting a losing battle. We have defended many clients with a positive result and removing a lot of the confusion and stress while ensuring time is not taken away from any other area of the business.

The IRS always comes prepared and that’s exactly what you must do. If you’re about to put in your claim, we invite you to contact us here at Swanson Reed to finalize the supporting documentation and have every part of the claim examined by our expert team so you’re fully prepared in the event of an audit.

The best approach is to work through the planning and the claim process methodically, ensuring nothing is left to chance. When you work with us through the first stages of your planning and claim, we work with you to put your evidence to support your claim in order. You will have the correct paperwork to support the claim and we will help you with your accounts management so everything adds up.

Need Our Assistance with Your Audit?

Our tax specialists here at Swanson Reed are here to provide you with assistance if you went through the R&D tax credit claim individually. We provide you with the support, expertise and experience you require to take the pressure off the audit. With our excellent success rate we use all of the experience we have gained, along with our professional expertise, to your benefit.

At Swanson Reed, we always collaborate with our clients ensuring they are fully prepared for any aspect of the R&D tax credit process, from the planning to the application process, and we’ll defend you through the audit process should you need our assistance.

We work with businesses from all industries and sectors, representing our clients on all R&D tax credit concerns and fully supporting our clients with their eligibility criteria and documentation support. The Swanson Reed audit defense service provided for all industries is one of the factors that keep us ahead of the competition.