BMW Open R&D Centre in China

German luxury carmaker BMW opened a new R&D centre in Shenyang on Thursday. The building covers 40,000 square metres and is the largest BMW centre outside of Germany.

The centre employs over 800 research staff (approximately 75% are Chinese) and will focus on new energy technology in order to establish a complete R&D and production chain. It is five times larger than the original one, which was constructed in 2012.

President and CEO of BMW Brillliance Automotive, Johann Wieland said that the new R&D centre aimed to adopt more advanced technology under the German Industry 4.0 model in order to help transform and upgrade China’s automotive industry.

China is now the largest single market for BMW. In addition to the R&D centre, a BMW assembly plant opened in Shenyang in May 2017 and an engine plant began operations in January 2016. The assembly line includes technologies like virtual reality, laser scanning, augmented manufacturing and bug data analysis.

Last year, 316,000 cars were manufactured in Shenyang, which makes up 12% of BMWs total production.

The company has created over 16,000 jobs in the region since 2003.

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