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Asia Research & Development Incentives

Innovative companies are playing key roles in their national economies, with research and development investments made by business being substantial drivers of growth and prosperity for nations. Due to this R&D incentive regimes are being reformed world wide at an unprecedented rate to accommodate and attract highly innovative companies to invest in their economy.

Many countries promote and encourage R&D operations in their economy as part of strategic plans to increase research activities and develop their nation. Countries which offer R&D tax incentives are considered favourable locations for internationally-mobile R&D companies.


Tax exemptions or reduced tax rates are available for companies that derive income from performing R&D, the sale of product during test production and products made from new technology. An import duty exemption is available for investment projects and goods imported for direct use in R&D.

indonesiaThere are no current R&D based tax incentive schemes for Indonesia, however tax incentives are available for companies seeking to invest in new or improved activities for expansion of the business.