Benefits of R&D Tax Credits & Cost Segregation in Manufacturing [Webinar]

Undeniably, the manufacturing sector has a large footprint in the U.S. economy. It employed 12.0 million workers in 2013, equating to 8.8 percent of total U.S. employment. In particular, the manufacturing sector plays a key role in the evolution of innovation and the sector remains a critical force in both advanced and developing economies. However, many innovative manufacturing companies are unaware of the potential cash-saving tax benefits they are eligible for.

Therefore, to elaborate on this topic, Swanson Reed teamed up with Capstan Tax Strategies to provide a  free seminar  on the tips and tools you need for claiming the R&D tax credit in the manufacturing sector. This webinar also includes a comprehensive overview of cost segregation as it relates to the manufacturing industry.

To summarise, tune into the free webinar below to learn the following key topics:

  • An overview of the R&D Tax Credit;
  • R&D activities as they apply to the manufacturing industry;
  • Manufacturing case studies; and
  • The basics of cost segregation for the manufacturing sector.

Furthermore, previously, Swanson Reed hosted a free webinar the benefits of the R&D tax credit for those in the oil and gas industry. In this webinar, our specialists covered the basics of the credit, explored an oil and gas case study and detailed the qualifying activities in the oil and gas industry. This webinar can be found here.

Watch the manufacturing webinar below, or alternatively, watch on YouTube at:

Swanson Reed specialises in the R&D Tax Credit – contact us today to discuss your eligibility and learn more about how the R&D Tax Incentive may benefit your business.

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