Educational Poster Map of the Klamath Basin Settlement Process

Incentive Type: Grant Program
Research, Technology
Eligible Sector:
Financial Incentive
Time Period:
FY 2015
Governing Body: Fish and Wildlife Service
What’s it worth?: $25,000

The Educational Poster Map of the Klamath Basin Settlement Process grant is seeking to compose a poster map to assist in explaining the issues related to the Secretarial Determination (SD) on the Klamath River dams. The poster is expected to be completed within nine to twelve months after award approval and should include the following:

  • Printed Version
  • Digital, non-editable Version
  • Benefits of the Dams
  • Public Interest of Dam Removal
  • Key Issues of the Klamath Basin and SD process
  • Recap of the History of the Klamath River
  • Explain Secretarial Determination for dam removal
  • Clarification issues of topics of confusion
  • Outline of key milestones
  • List of future resources
  • Technical information
  • Include Photos & Graphics
  • Printed in Color

The booklets will be distributed to various federal agencies for public engagement efforts. This booklet will also assist the Secretary to determine and explain the decisions made regarding the privately owned dams.

This opportunity will fund one award of $25,000. To be considered for this grant applicants must:

  • Have an understanding of previously written Klamath Basin water issues
  • Have experience writing about the Klamath Basin water issues
  • Have a reputation and strong track record of developing nonpartisan education materials
  • Is located near the communication team
  • Have availability for in-person meetings to carry out the project
  • Have experience publishing educational material for federal sector clients