Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

Incentive Type: Grant Program
Agricultural, Food, Health And Safety
Eligible Sector:
Financial Incentive
Time Period:
FY 2015
Governing Body: Texas department of agriculture
What’s it worth?: Not mentioned

The Specialty Crop Block Grant Program was designed to increase the competition in specialty crops in the following issues:

  • Food Safety
  • Marketing
  • Nutrition
  • Plant Health
  • Value Added/Industry Development

These specialty crops include but not excluded to:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Dried fruits
  • Tree nuts
  • Horticulture
  • Nursery crops

Eligible participants are excluded to producers or industry or community-based organizations making efforts promote specialty crops and increasing competitiveness. Awards may be used to fund all activities benefiting specialty crops. Educational institutions do not quality for this Grant opportunity.

Applications must include:

  • Application Form
  • Proposal Narrative

– Project Title
– Primary Applicant
– Partner Organization(s) – list name(s) of organization(s) assisting of the project
– Abstract
– Project Purpose
– Potential Impact
– Expected Measurable Outcomes
– Project Oversight
– Project Commitment
– Work Plan
– Long-Term Plan
– Budget

Applications will be reviewed by internal and external experts prioritizing each proposal. A narrative must be emailed to the grant department. Funds are released at the time the work is completed and documentation is submitted with the final 10% of the award to be released upon completion of the project and submission of all required documentation. Eligible expenditures include:

  • Personnel costs
  • Direct operating expenses
  • Supplies of <$5,000
  • Contracts
  • Travel
  • Controlled Assets
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Indirect Costs of up to 8% of the awarded funds