From casino-inspired ventilation to facial recognition, Dallas Mavericks’ locker room is so high-tech, it must be from the future

The Dallas Mavericks are hosting the Milwaukee Bucks tonight for their first game of the pre-season. It’s also the first time the Mavericks get to use their new state-of-the-art locker room at the American Airlines Center. With facial recognition, customizable aromatic and lighting features, and a casino-inspired ventilation system, the Dallas team boasts a locker room unlike any other in the league.

The basketball team’s owner Mark Cuban unveiled the locker room on Saturday, September 30 to the media after three months of renovations.  He explained the facility’s design drew from scientific research and the latest technology to optimize the athletic experience. A facial recognition system at the entrance of the locker room acts as a security feature, preventing any unknown visitors from entering. It also allows each player to check into the room, notifying coach Rick Carlisle when a player has arrived. As an example, Cuban mentioned Carlisle often asked for the whereabouts of player Dirk Nowitzki. Now, Carlisle can just check the system to locate Nowitzki.

Collaborating with casino designers from architecture firm Gensler, the locker room is equipped with special de-humidification ventilation and light systems. Cuban told NBC how the environment at casinos motivated people to stay energized even past their usual bedtime: “We noticed that it keeps us up, otherwise we would have been in bed at 11, but there [were] things that they did that kept us awake to sit at those blackjack tables all night long.”  Adopting the same principles, the locker room uses oxygenating technology and a sophisticated light system that adjusts to different times, depending on whether it’s pre-game, game time, or regular practice.

In addition to helping players maintain energy and performance, the locker room includes luxurious amenities ensuring the athletes’ comfort. Players can request music on demand using Amazon’s voice activated Alexa sound system. Each individual locker also includes high tech USB ports, a refrigerator, TV screen, and even a shoe drawer with ventilation to air out odor-prone basketball shoes.

These features may appear “kind of crazy or off the wall,” Cuban said, “but we tried to take advantage of every bit of research that we could find that applied to improving athletic performance.”

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