Digital R&D facility in Chicago will create over 100 new tech opportunities

An exciting time lies ahead for research and development in Chicago! Siemens have officially announced their plans for a digital R&D hub due to open in October 2017.

The facility will generate over 100 new tech jobs in the city which will bring the Siemens Chicago employee count up to 3,300. New jobs will be created in the fields of software development, software architecture, product testing, project leadership, application engineering, configuration management, team leadership and technical writing. It is anticipated that the center will open in October 2017 and will have $20 million per year invested into it.

It is no doubt that establishing this R&D center in Chicago is a significant opportunity for Siemens to leverage the extremely talented tech community in the city.

The center will build applications for Siemens Control Products and Systems (CPS) technology. The CPS Software House will take the lead on global R&D efforts for the company’s design CC platform, which makes it easier to manage the functions of large buildings. In addition the facility will also work to add more cloud functionality to the System One smart home application.

The logical next step and a critical component in the Siemens digitalization strategy is establishing the CPS Software House, which continues driving towards a future that includes autonomous buildings. The goal for Siemens as a company is to build new capabilities, bring them to customers sooner and work with customers to quickly obtain feedback.

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