Healthcare Workers can now get 3D Printed Prescription Protection Glasses

Fitz is a startup company that makes custom, 3D printed glasses, using an iOS app that measures faces. That sentence alone proves how innovative this company is. But, as if that weren’t enough, the company’s now using crowd funding to develop protective eyewear for healthcare workers.

With Covid-19 rampant across the world, we’re all encouraged to stay inside, and away from anyone who’s sick. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals don’t have that luxury. Instead, they’re taking measures to cover their faces, to limit the risk of infection being passed from patients. But, current personal protective equipment (PPE) consists of face shields (a sheet of plastic) or a fabric mouth and nose mask; neither offer full protection. Add to this that more than 60% of doctors need prescription glasses, and experts are warning against using contact lenses. And so, healthcare professionals are turning to all sorts of homemade solutions to fit around their glasses and protect their face.

In conjunction with these frontline medical professionals, Fitz developed its Fitz Protect range. They provide more coverage than traditional glasses, including the eyebrows, which can accumulate viral particles and infect the eyes. Also, each pair is custom measured and made to fit the face, so can provide full coverage and are comfortable for long 12-18 hour shifts. The company developed its unique software using Apple’s depth-sensing Face ID camera. With this, Fitz provides a virtual try-on feature, and gets accurate measurements (to the millimeter) for that custom fit.

The prototype design came from discussions with workers in New York and Texas, who were struggling to find protection solutions. Because they’re 3D printed, constant feedback and customization was available throughout the development. The initial responses have been fantastic; doctors, nurses and hospital staff appreciate the effective, comfortable protection that helps them feel safe and do their jobs. Fitz is in the process of scaling up its operations, to get these made and shipped as quickly as possible.

What’s more, Fitz believes that this PPE should be available at no charge to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers seeing Covid-19 patients. So, the glasses are 100% crown funded. Currently, the company’s almost a third of the way toward its $60,000 goal and more than 3,000 healthcare workers have registered for a pair.

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