Are you making the most of the R&D tax scheme? Countless businesses in Huntsville and across Alabama are missing out on substantial tax relief through the Research and Development program, not realising that they might already be eligible.

Swanson Reed specialising in helping small and big businesses alike maximise their tax relief through this program, using only the most current industry experience in all our consultancy work.

What is R&D tax, and how can a consultant help you?

R&D tax was a scheme put in place to incentivise and reward innovative businesses on American soil. If a business (from a small start-up to a large company) has allocated part of their budget to research, development, or other innovative processes, they are eligible for R&D tax relief.

This includes trialling new software, improving existing processes, developing new technology and much more. We find that many businesses are not aware that they are eligible and are thrilled when they learn how much they can save come tax time.

That’s where Swanson Reed comes in. Our team of expert tax consultants will work with you to do a thorough tax calculation to find out if you’re eligible, and how much you can claim. Your best interest is our main focus – so do feel free to reach out to us to begin the process with a free consultation.

Not only do we help businesses in Huntsville, AL, but with offices across the states and the globe, our research tax advisors help innovative companies from Detroit to St Louis, Chicago and beyond.

Discover what your company can claim from the research tax scheme with talented consultants

Make the smarter choice for your company’s needs. At Swanson Reed, our consultants understand what a difference any financial relief can make to a company’s bottom line. Our goal is always to help you achieve the best financial outcome possible now, and in the future.

Over the years, our advisors have continued to prove why we’re Huntsville’s first choice when it comes to quality financial advice and R&D tax services. It’s time to see for yourself. Give us a call on 1-844-467-9267 for a friendly chat about your company’s eligibility. You can also fill out our online form and we’ll give you a call at a time that suits you!