Major R&D center opening in Portugal

In hope to further strengthen its global setup, the global energy company Vestas, is opening an engineering design and R&D center in Porto, Portugal. The opening of this facility will underline the company’s industry investment in wind research and development and will be responsible for developing core technology for Vestas’ product portfolio.

Vestas already has sites in the UK, Norway, Germany, India and Denmark, and this new establishment will further expand the company’s global reach.

As a leader in the R&D industry, this additional engineering center investment will continue to strengthen the company’s R&D capabilities through the broad pool of talent available in the Porto region.

Recruitment for the new R&D center in the sectors of electrical, mechanical and software engineering have already begun, which offers great new opportunities for job seekers. Approximately 80 people will be employed by the end of 2017 and several hundred when the centre is fully operational in 2020.

The significant R&D investment underlines the company’s technology leadership and ambition to lower the cost of energy at a faster pace than any other company in the wind energy industry.

Vestas’ investment highlights the significant benefit and advantages that companies can obtain from investing into R&D. The Government offers several Tax Credits for companies that are carrying out R&D in their business practices. If you believe your business may be eligible, contact a Swanson Reed R&D Tax Advisor today for an assessment. We look forward to speaking with you.

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