Are you wondering if your business is eligible for R&D tax credits? Companies nationwide are claiming vast amounts through the Federal scheme aimed at encouraging businesses to invest in research and development within our borders, and you can too.

Swanson Reed is St Louis’s trusted research tax advisors, working diligently to ensure our customer’s best interests, and maximum claim. We put our expertise to work on behalf of forward minded businesses nationwide in order to reduce their tax liability.

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How do R&D tax claims work?

The scheme – put in place in 2008 – was developed to incentivise and facilitate nationally-grown products and technologies. Businesses that can show that they’ve allocated part of their budget to the improvement or development of products, operations or technologies are eligible for tax credits. To further incentivise ongoing research and development, the government also rewards businesses with higher claims if they’ve qualified for R&D tax credits for multiple years. This scheme has helped forward thinking, innovative businesses research and develop their practices and offerings with confidence, knowing that come tax time, they’ll receive a tax relief as a result.

Our advisors help companies nationwide, from St Louis, Missouri to Detroit, Huntsville, and beyond.

How would a business be eligible for R&D tax?

If a percentage of your businesses’ resources has been allocated to researching new products, strategies, or technologies, chances are you may be eligible. This includes trialling new software, or simply improving existing operations. Sound like something your business may be eligible for? If you believe that you may be eligible for research tax credits, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of consultants today. Our advisors run a thorough R&D tax calculation to assess the scope of the tax relief you may expect.

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Companies across St Louis, MO and beyond already qualify, but fail to acknowledge the benefits they may get from the scheme. Whether you know you’re eligible, or you’d like to discuss your options, don’t hesitate to reach out to the best of St Louis’ consultants at 1-844-467-9267 to help you ensure the biggest claim possible. We know the intricacies of R&D tax credits like the back of our hand and will put our expertise to work to help you secure the optimal outcome.

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