State of the art R&D center opens in Iowa

The University of Iowa is now home to a state of the art research and development center. Applied Food Science (AFS), recently opened the multi-million-dollar R&D center in Iowa City, which consists of molecular biology labs, advanced analytical and material research laboratories, and a pilot production plant.

AFS are a natural ingredient supplier specializing in botanical extract for food, beverages and supplements. AFS source their ingredients in a manner which is both sustainable and socially responsible. The company seeks to create a solution for producing the healthiest organic products imaginable.

AFS are excited about the plans in store for the company’s endeavors to converge science with food. The primary R&D goals will consist of fostering the growth of plant-based science and testing how the evolution of food fits into the current and future food supply. These research outcomes will assist in not only continuing to feed the growing population, but also providing a healthier and more nutritionally sound food source.

AFS see the University of Iowa to be a great location to base their innovation center, as it beneficially positions them closer to farmers who feed the community, and processors who utilize plants for added-value end products. Additionally, the University of Iowa are renowned for their diligent work ethic, professionalism and innovative culture in the areas of biotechnology and food science, therefore the fit between the two industries deemed as appropriate.

Loretta Zapp, CEO of AFS, states that the following center is evidence of the company’s commitment to its customers and the enhanced value the company seeks to bring in their products. The R&D center will create an ideal environment to foster collaborative teams with the mission of touching all aspects of how food science advances can produce long term benefits in people’s health and wellness. Zappo is optimistic that the research outcomes will add even more value to the current offerings that include supply chain sustainability, innovation, formulation and manufacturing support.

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