This Will Make Your Tail Wag: Atlanta-based PuppyFax to connect responsible breeders, owners

Not much is cuter than a puppy, as they (usually) come with a wagging tail and unconditional love. But when searching for a pup, how can you be sure they didn’t come from a puppy mill or have hidden health issues? An Atlanta-based startup via the University of Georgia wants to give potential dog owners piece of mind with its newest app, PuppyFax.

Like searching for a new-to-you car, PuppyFax, founded by Tommy Naranjo and co-founded by Preston Tucker, provides prospective dog owners with a pup’s lineage and owner history. In an article for The Red & Black, Tucker’s family bought a German Shepherd, only to experience health complications with the new pup. The dog, according to the family’s vet, came from an irresponsible breeder, likely one who was operating a puppy mill. For context, a puppy mill is defined as an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane. According to the American SPCA, puppies who are reared in a puppy mill can come with health and behavioral problems that are difficult or impossible to treat–comparable to a car that has been ‘abused’ by a previous owner.

“PuppyFax is basically a platform, kind of like Airbnb, that connects people who are searching for a puppy, and they’re wanting a purebred dog or are going through a breeder, to responsible breeders,” Naranjo said. The app will allow owners to view a puppy’s verified health documents and pedigree information. All PuppyFax breeders must meet the guidelines set by the platform.

Naranjo hopes to expand the PuppyFax application nationwide to help breeders, buyers and dogs across the U.S. The app is set to launch “very soon.” The PuppyFax website can be located by clicking here.

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