Timing Issues for Texas R&D Tax Credit Claims

It’s upon us: that time of year when we have to schlep through mountains of financial paperwork and rack our brains to remember major life events, minor purchases, and everything in between. Yes, tax season is officially here.

Indeed, as we edge closer to spring, we also get progressively closer  to tax day – April 15. Just like spring cleaning your home, now can be a good time to get your financials in order.

However, with tax day drawing near, it’s important to know what dates apply to your State in order to prevent overlooking deadlines. Therefore, in our latest short video tutorial, we divulge the timing issues for the Texas R&D Tax Credit claim process to prevent any delays or missed cutoffs.

Watch the on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkdYQhlBeuQ

Or alternatively, watch below:


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