Aerospace and defense technology R&D center opens in N.D

The leading American global aerospace and defense technology manufacturer, Northrop Grumman Corporation has opened a new research and development facility. The facility is located at the Grand Sky Aerial Systems (UAS) Business and Aviation Park in Grand Forks, North Dakota, which is dedicated to fostering autonomous systems and other capabilities.

Northrop Grumman’s new 36,000-square-foot facility serves as a hub for UAS R&D, operations and mission analysis, aircraft maintenance and training for pilots, operators and maintainers. The building is positioned in an anchor space along the alert pad at Grand Sky, which allows quick access to the runway of the adjacent Grand Forks Air Force Base for launch and recovery operations.

The research center will incorporate science, technology and math to achieve different solutions and bring together collaborative ideas. Grand Sky will allow for the collision of ideas so that software developments can become more advanced. The projects will revolve around future designing of UAS systems and making them more cognitive, which is the next generational leap in mission operations planning.

The R&D facility was initially completed late 2016 and officially opened April 21 2017. Northrop Grumman was the first tenant to sign a lease at Grand Sky and now have further construction plans to build a hangar to take advantage of the aviation park’s easy access to the Air Force base.

In addition to the Grand Sky facility, Northrop Grumman also operate a manufacturing site in New Town, North Dakota, which produces RF, fiber optic and wire harnesses for aircrafts including the Global Hawk and Boeing F/A-18.

Stakeholders of Northrop Grumman are excited to be able to officially begin their operations at Grand Sky and being able to cement their leadership in the development and use of autonomous systems. It is anticipated that the important work at Grand Sky will support the evolving needs of the company’s customers while advancing R&D in autonomous systems capabilities for today and the future.

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