COVID-19 Crisis is Fuelling Innovation

The COVID-19 crisis is highlighting how it can fuel innovation and collaboration across different sectors all over the world to address the pressing needs that we are all facing. Here are a few examples of community-led innovation inspired by this crisis:

Virtual-Friendly Curriculum 

  • One of the biggest challenges recognised by institutions was the quick transition to a virtual-friendly curriculum. myTrailhead, a free learning experience platform designed by, is empowering health care organisations to quickly distribute the latest safety and testing protocols to train staff and ensure they are certified

Tracking Health Care Needs in Real Time 

  • An App developed by Traction on Demand and Thrive Health that allows users to view, track and allocate critical health care personnel, personal protective equipment and ventilator availability in real-time. The app is hoping to allow users to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 virus at the hyper-local level

These examples evince how communities worldwide are collaborating and innovating during times of crisis to leverage the power of technology to have a lasting impact on the world.

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