Idaho Company Increases Sustainability Efforts

Fish Breeders of Idaho is setting up a feed facility to recycle a waste product into an expensive feed ingredient.

Fish Breeders raises a variety of fish and had been giving away the waste generated by producing fillets and other products for the market. But this is all about to change. This is all about to change. The company is building a facility to generate fish feed without using dry fishmeal.

“The best thing you can feed a fish is another fish,” said Leo Ray, company found and president.

The company has plans to make many different kinds of feed to cater both to the different species of fish raised, and for different life stages.

Ray says that about 30-50% of the store’s fish may be sold while the other percentage would be considered waste products.

“If you grow a fish, you have enough waste to make fishmeal to grow another pound of fish. If you do it right, it’s a very sustainable process, all you have to do is add grains – there’s not excuse for depleting the ocean,” said Ray.

Using an internally generated product instead of fishmeal is supposed to cut the company’s expenses for fish feed almost in half.

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