An innovative way to color food in the Netherlands

The food coloring manufacturer GNT has doubled its capacity for product development with the opening of its new six hectare research and development laboratory in Mierlo, the Netherlands.

GNT Group manufactures a range of food coloring ingredients like beetroot and carrots which add natural color to foods as an alternative to additives. The company’s goal is to encourage customers to make the transition to using more natural methods of coloring food, and essentially coloring food with food.

GNT Group have invested more than €3 million into the new facility which is equipped with advanced quality control laboratories, which will help GNT sustainably grow in line with the demands of its customers.

By integrating the product development, process development and engineering functions, GNT Group will be able to increase the speed of innovation, which is a key step towards achieving the company’s plan for growth by 2020.

The new facility will enable support to manufacturers at all stages of product development and further drive the concept of ‘coloring food with food’.

GNT currently employ 320 people in their R&D team and with the opening of their new facility and the continuing success of the company, this number is expected to increase.

Looking forward, GNT are preparing to launch a range of food coloring specifically for savory food applications. Company leaders are excited and optimistic about the products to be produced at the Mierlo site and to further innovatively contribute to the bio-based economy.

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