Tax Incentive Changes in Nebraska Legislation

The Nebraska Advantage Act

A recent report on the business tax incentive programs in Nebraska suggest that in the past eight years, the program has not been as effective as desired in attracting new business to the state. According to the recorded growth, only nine new companies were established in Nebraska over an eight year time period.

Each of these new jobs created within the state cost the local governments and state between $24,500 to $320,000 with the Nebraska Advantage Act. However, this among other incentives, encouraged 69 business to add positions between 2006 and 2014.

This variation of results has spurred a discussion of overlapping incentives and receiving incentives from multiple states.  

Quality Over Quantity 

The report stated that of the 78 business studied, 75% had benefited from additional programs. These programs included customized job training, state-supported internships and research and development tax credits (R&D).

Renee Fry was quoted saying, “We hope that lawmakers will conduct a broader examination of exemptions and incentives to see if their benefits justify their cost, as it is vital to ensure state tax dollars are used as efficiently as possible.”

While the research and development tax incentive does not seem to be at risk as the report mainly focuses on the Nebraska Advantage Act, the incentive program is named as one of the overlapping incentives.

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