Fort Worth in Bidding War to Win Next Spot for $5 Billion Investment in New Amazon Headquarters

Amazon is always coming up with something new, whether it is Amazon Prime, Amazon TV, or now a flying airship warehouse to deliver products to customers. This new invention is like something we have never seen before and is completely new technology. Amazon is able to claim research and development (R&D) tax credits due to the highly technological nature of this product. Companies who are experimenting and testing new products, procedures etc., are eligible for R&D tax credits.

Amazon will be investing $5 billion dollars into a new headquarter building that they are looking to build in the U.S., Fort Worth (FW) is on their list of top contenders. Brendan Gengelbach, the executive president at the FW Chamber of Commerce says he has already spoken with state officials and real estate reps about the possibility of Amazon opening up their new headquarters.

Amazon will bring billions of dollars in investments for FW if this is to happen. Amazon has already said that they are looking into the possibility of tax incentives for this project. If your company is experimenting with new products or technologies, contact a Swanson Reed R&D Tax Advisor today to check your eligibility.

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