Texas startup on mission to cure wine hangovers

Research has shown that after drinking wine, up to 75% of adult consumers may experience hangover-like symptoms such as headaches, flushed skin or congestion.  PureWine is a Texas based startup that has created a new filter that removes ingredients (specifically, histamines and sulfites) from wine prior to drinking, aiming to prevent hangover like symptoms.  

PureWine’s co-founder, David Meadows, and his son started researching this system, referred to as a ‘Brita filter for wine’, over five years ago. Today, the company has successfully developed a wand-shaped filter that absorbs the chemical compounds, or ingredients, from the drink, preventing the dreaded hangover.  The wand filter has been designed to cover multiple beverage platforms, including beer and champagne.

The R&D Tax Credit is available to PureWine and other companies developing new and improved products and processes, allowing a credit of up to 14% of eligible spending.

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