Going, going, gone: Georgia Tech funds Synapse, an all-natural energy drink startup

If you’re looking for an energy drink alternative with no caffeine and made with all-natural ingredients, then look no further. Thanks to the CREATE-X program at Georgia Tech, Synapse, an energy drink that relies on nootropics for its energy boosting effects, was able to take off. According to the Synapse website, “[Synapse] is a finely crafted, fast-acting supplement designed to deliver exceptional memory function, increased focus, and improved mental clarity while providing the body with a physical energy boost that doesn’t sacrifice health or performance.”

To give consumers that well-needed boost of afternoon energy, the drink encompases the Krebs cycle, meaning the process by which cells generate energy. To go in-depth, the drink has molecules called acetylcholine in it. These molecules are responsible for maintaining attention and focus, as well as for forming new memories and learning processes. Synapse uses ingredients that work together to increase acetylcholine levels, which is also combined with its proprietary support matrix. In return, the drink primes your brain for attentive, focused work and faster learning.

“The differentiating factor between us and other nootropics companies is that none of our ingredients, including the nootropics and flavors, are synthetic,” said Daniel Porada, one of the creators of Synapse. “All of our ingredients are well-researched and studied for their cognitive and physical effects,” the company website said. The energy drink also promises to contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors/sweeteners or caffeine—quite a feat when compared to what already exists on the energy drink market. Some featured natural ingredients include: huperzia serrata (moss), bacopa monnieri (herb), alpha-GPC (compound found in the brain), agave nectar (natural sweetener), citrulline malate (amino acid), creatine (organic acid), acetyl L-carnitine (nutrient, natural energy producer), alpha lipoic acid (antioxidant), schisandra (berry) and L-theanine (compound). Details about the ingredients used in the supplement can be found by clicking here.

The Synapse company hopes to give university students and Millennials a healthy, energy producing alternative to what already exists on store shelves.

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