Our Homes Could Be Heated From The Earth- Geothermal Startup Created in R&D Lab

Dandelion Energy, Inc. is a geothermal startup that was created in Alphabet, the research and development (R&D) lab of Google’s parent company. Dandelion believes that it can lower Hudson Valley’s energy costs and decrease their carbon footprint.

Vice President of marketing Katie Ullmann has said that they have already scheduled the installation of the geothermal technology in a number of homes. The system “uses the earth to regulate the temperature of a home,” deriving 75% of the energy from the earth and the other 25% from electricity. Dandelion and Hudson Solar have partnered up, in hope that homes will be able to run on clean energy alone, with Hudson using solar to provide the remaining 25%.

The R&D Tax Credit is available to all industries where companies are developing new or improved products or services. Startups as well as large companies can claim up to 14% back for their R&D activities. Companies such as Dandelion and Hudson are eligible to benefit from these R&D credits.

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