Manna Drone Delivery Startup Announces Test Trials

Dublin-based Manna Drone Delivery is set to start testing their “lightning-fast” deliveries in North Texas.

The company is set on developing the technology and infrastructure necessary to make lighting-fast suburban deliveries a thing of the now. Along with this, their mission is to create affordable, green, and safe delivery capabilities. Manna designs, builds and operates unmanned aerial vehicles that perform “lightning fast” deliveries of up to 7 pounds in high-density suburban last-mile settings.

The company’s technology includes a proprietary AI-driven routing system, which helps optimise delivery routes based on factors such as weather conditions, traffic patterns, and delivery demand. This technology allows Manna to deliver goods quickly and efficiently while minimising the environmental impact of their operations.

As the world’s first aviation-grade B2B “drone delivery as-a-service” startup, it’s no surprise that the company has garnered support from big players like Coca-Cola HBC. The news regarding the test trials was released in tandem with news of a strategic investment in Manna Drone Delivery from Coca-Cola HBC, the strategic bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Co. Coca-Cola HBC collaborates via its ventures arm with disruptive startups that have synergies with its business ambitions in the areas of last mile, vending, coffee technology, and sustainability.

In the trial runs, the drone will initially offer delivery to a select number of Hillwood’s residential developments. Hillwood is the developer of AllianceTexas, a 27,000-acre mixed-use, master-planned community that’s home to the Mobility Innovation Zone. Manna said it has created a plan to make fast drone delivery service available to over 10,000 local residents, pending suitable approvals from the FAA.

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