Placing resources into research and development can be a nervous issues for many businesses, both large and small. Even when an economy is stable, profit margins are the main driver in most decision making processes, and the uncertainty that can surround R&D projects frequently suggests a great risk, as no concrete discoveries are guaranteed.

This hesitation, however, can be the downfall of many prospering firms in Nashville, TN. Research and development is a crucial element that allows organisations to stay up-to-date in the industry and competitive with those occupying the same space.

At Swanson Reed, our advisors and consultants have been helping businesses achieve their full potential by providing strategies revolving around R&D tax incentives. We can help you join hundreds of organisations across Chicago, Denver, St Louis, Detroit, Huntsville, and the wider USA claim back liberating amounts in R&D tax credits. Simply get to know the IRS’s 4 part qualifying test, and then undergo our own eligibility test to see whether your business is able to receive credits for research and development.

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Trends in recent history of companies conducting their business operations oversea due to a lagging home economy and its effects have been widely documented. This has proved detrimental, costing the nation jobs, losses in revenue, and a stark decline in exports.

To answer the problem, research and development incentives have been rolled out to encourage companies to keep their new products, services, and procedures on home soil. In return, companies of all sizes can receive plentiful amounts of tax credits will assist them make strides in improving their operations.

The only issue is that not every organisation has the means to have advisors on hand who are fluent in these particular legislations. It is not uncommon for many business never to even hear of R&D tax incentives. That is why, at Swanson Reed, our consultants offer highly affordable services to fully assess your business’ position, and provide insight into the issue to create the largest benefit, alongside the lowest tax liability.

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