Toyota makes generous research donation

Toyota has donated its Erlanger Kentucky engineering and research facility to become an innovative educational center serving the region.

One of the buildings at the Erlanger headquarters is now being donated to the Ignite Institute at Roebling Innovation Center, name after famed engineer John A. Roebling. The donated facility is a 183,000-square-foot Quality and Production Engineering Laboratory and will serve as a science, technology, engineering, art and math education center.

Toyota hopes that this enduring gift will inspire the next generation of local workers to be creative, engaged, highly skilled, tech-savvy and work-ready problem solvers.Toyota’s goal through the donation of its research facility is to create a lasting positive impact by helping to prepare students for the next generation of jobs, and they encourage other large companies and businesses to do the same.

The school will allow a capacity of 1,000 students from grades 9-12, with the first class expected to take place in the 2019 school year. Through Toyota’s generous donation, Boone County Kentucky will be able to offer it’s students the best education in research, development and innovation. The entire school will be based on a project-based learning and real industry-case methodology, which aims to empower students and offer them the opportunity of a lifetime throughout their schooling and also after they graduate.

Following the donation, the Kentucky Government announced a $6.8 million construction of research facilities grant to further develop the facility to suit the requirements and environment of 9th-12th grade schooling. This partnership between Toyota and local education of Kentucky serves as proof that the state is on track to become the nation’s unparalleled hub of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

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