Innovate Ohio Project To Attract Businesses To The State

Incoming Lt Governor Jon Husted will oversee the Innovate Ohio project, a new agency that aims to entice companies to the state and create jobs. It also plans to develop high tech products to improve government efficiency, stating that those who do not adapt to technological changes will fall behind. It hopes to transform the government by improving customer service, saving tax dollars and moving to paperless systems with new technologies.

One of the technologies in the works is the SmartOhio Operating System, an analytics and data-sharing program for government departments. Ohio business and technology leaders will come together to develop the technologies. Private business and government collaboration will help to bring the government up to scratch on modern technological solutions to improve its services.

The project also aims to increase innovative research and enhance Ohio’s reputation as a leader in computer science. Classroom coding and technology training will be provided to students from K-12 schools to make Ohio’s citizens work-ready for the jobs of the future.

Businesses in Ohio creating technological improvements may qualify for the Ohio R&D Investment Tax Credit. The credit rate is 7% of qualifying expenditures. Contact Swanson Reed for more information or take our online eligibility test.

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