Microgrid by Alabama Power Improves Quality of Life For Reynolds Landing Residents

Recently, Alabama Power unveiled a power system that is to provide electricity for the Reynolds Landing ‘Smart Neighborhood’ in Ross Bridge. The innovative power system is a microgrid and is unique in the sense that although it is connected to the main power systems, it is capable of functioning on its own.

Alabama Power has been quick to note that this project will be the first of its kind to sustain the whole community of residents. A major selling point of the microgrid is the fact that it is capable of producing an estimated 600,000 kilowatt hours of power on a yearly basis. This amount is supposedly enough to support the 62 homes in Reynolds Landing. Additionally, there is a lithium ion battery and a natural gas driven generator that backs up the microgrid. The neighborhood has been receiving alternating forms of power, including the battery bank and gas-powered generator but is not yet using the solar panels alone.

Alabama Power is focusing on collecting data on the microgrid to help the company plan for future programs and energy solutions. The United States Chamber of Commerce announced that the Reynolds Landing microgrid project is the first in the Global Energy Institute’s energy innovation campaign efforts. As such, the neighborhood has been praised for being a role model for innovative solutions in the energy sector.

The homes in Reynolds Landing have been built by Signature Homes and have energy efficient features such as triple pane windows as well as thicker walls for better insulation. They are also equipped with ‘smart home technology’ where an owner is able to control locks, lights, electronics and more from a remote location. Furthermore, each house has the newest Samsung appliances and a Google mesh Wi-Fi system, which provides a strong Internet connection in each room. The collaboration between Alabama Power and Signature Homes has made it possible to implement innovative, energy-efficient technologies to improve the quality of life for its residents.

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