MSU Ranks In US Top 100 Research Universities

Mississippi State University (MSU) was ranked 94th in the nation and 1st in the state for top research institutions in FY17, based on a report from the National Science Foundation. This was based on $241M in research and development expenditure, in which over half of the state’s R&D expenditure comes from MSU. Additionally, MSU has over 600 researchers, which is more than any other institution in the state. The university was ranked 58th among non-medical educational institutions and 64th for public institutions.

MSU’s research funding is derived from government agencies at all levels, industry and trade groups. Projects include developing innovative food, energy and fiber solutions, which are becoming increasing critical as the global population increases. The university has partnered with the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization to eliminate starvation in developing countries.

Disciplines that ranked in the top 100 were agricultural science (9th), social science (17th), engineering (64th), computer sciences (73rd), geosciences (77th), chemistry (98th) and life science (99th). Notably, Mississippi State ranks in the top 10 nationwide for agricultural science, spending $109 million in R&D in FY17. Disciplines that improved in rank in this latest report were geoscience, agricultural science, mathematics, chemistry, biomedical science and business.

Research and development contribute significantly to Mississippi’s economic development with over $475 million spent per annum on R&D. If your institution is working on innovative projects, contact Swanson Reed to find out whether you can claim the research and development tax credit.

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