Pennsylvania Patent of the Month – January 2021

As our hospitals are flooded with new Covid-19 cases along with other serious illnesses, they are constantly struggling to find new beds and places to put people. As patients are discharged, hospitals try to fill the now vacant bed as quickly as possible. But in order to do this, they need to clean the area to get it ready for the new patient. The Bed Control department of the hospital also needs to be notified that a new bed is ready for use. During busy times, like the pandemic, communications can get crossed and hospital systems may not be manually updated on time. This means departments, such as Bed Control, might not be notified that a once empty bed is currently occupied, or that an empty bed still has no one in it. That’s why TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. has developed a real-time tracking system that creates notifications on the status of hospital beds.

TeleTracking Technologies’s system uses tags worn by patients that transmit real-time data to a computer program linked to the hospital’s computer system. The data is created when a tag is detected in a predetermined location dictated by sensors. Locations of tags create patient statuses and then, based on those, the computer program will update the bed availability and notify hospital staff by sending a notification. So, if a patient tag is detected within the predefined hospital location, the tracking system will say that the bed is full, but if a patient is detected within the predefined discharge location, the system in conjunction with the hospital’s patient profile, will recognize that the patient is being discharged and that the bed is now vacant. The tags can be placed on a hospital ID band or badge, making them low-profile and always attached to a patient. 

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