Tennessee Patent of the Month – January 2021

Nobody enjoys taking out the trash. We all dread tying the bag, lifting it out of the can, being afraid it might get stuck or tear on the way up. We have to pry the can off of the bag, hoping the contents don’t spill out onto the floor and your hands, especially if the bag was too full (even though you know you can fit more in). And sometimes the bag is so heavy it’s hard to lift out of the trash can. This task, though seemingly easy, sometimes poses trouble which is why 3 Boys Enterprises, LLC has developed a new type of trash can. 

This innovative design features a tapered shape, where the bottom is wider than the top, leaving room for the bag to expand at the bottom as it’s filled. You might think, well then how do you lift it out? You don’t! What makes this trash can so easy to use is that you lift the walls of the can up around the bag. The can’s base is separate from the sidewalls, and is connected by straps that hook onto handles on either side of the outer walls. The base also has short walls, called perimeter walls, that keep the trash bag or other materials from sliding off the base, so if there’s a leak, any liquids will stay contained and won’t spill onto the floor.

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