The Fitzsimons Innovation Community Biotech Hub

The Fitzsimons Innovation Community has been credited for helping a professor from the University of Colorado start his company, PhosphoSolutions. Professor Michael Browning started the production of antibodies, which in turn he used in his neuroscience research. During this period, The National Institute of Health provided funding to his activities and encouraged him to start commercial production of his vials of antibodies to sell to labs. The company currently produces over 350 types of antibodies which are shipped to various parts of the world.

Previously referred to as the Fitzsimons Life District, the Fitzsimons Innovation Community is a facility at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Browning states that this community gave him the privilege of developing his business while at the same time continuing to teach at the university. The leaders at the University looked forward to a scenario where a biotechnical center would be in next door to the medical school and other research facilities. This way, it would be easier for a researcher such as Browning to conduct their business activities, visit patients at the hospital and teach students at the University.

The goals and objectives of the Innovation Community are to grow companies through an incubator approach. The center also wanted to provide space and resources for the businesses seeking to expand. The companies that have been involved in innovation revolve mainly around the health sciences and health information technology. As more companies were developed at the center, it became necessary to expand the facility. In 2011, the original Bioscience 1 building was expanded. Another upgrade followed in 2015 and a new building with workplaces was built. At the moment, a fourth building is underway and is set to be complete by 2019.

With over 725 bioscience companies, Colorado is an emerging leader in the bioscience industry. The Fitzsimons Innovation Community bioscience park will be crucial for bringing more entrepreneurs to the area.

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