Circular Stapler Released For Bariatric Surgery During Obesity Week

Baxter International, a global leader in surgical innovations, has recently released a number of new healthcare innovations at the 2018 American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Society (ASMBS) Obesity Week, held in Nashville, Tennessee. One of the notable products showcased was the Peri-Strips Dry with Veritas (PSDV) Circular Staple Line Reinforcement with Secure Grip technology.

The president of Baxter’s Advanced Surgery, Wil Boren, was quick to state that the Peri-Strips Dry with Veritas was a perfect indicator of how the company was using inspiration from patients to create products that promote better healing. This is crucial, especially at a time when the rate of bariatric procedures is increasing. As such, the PSDV Circular has been integrated with a cartridge cone to give room for a circular surgical stapler to move across the incision area while incurring minimal tissue injury.

Surgeons use particular techniques to try and prevent complications including bleeding and staple line leaks. One technique is buttressing, which involves reinforcing the staple line with patches like the PSDV Circular. Baxter has implemented a peel and stick feature that allows the instrument to be used in a variety of surgical procedures.

Eric S. Hungness, M.D., a surgeon at the Northwestern Medical Group in Chicago states that having a new PSDV that works with circular staplers will make it easier to reinforce the staple line, potentially leading to better postoperative outcomes for patients.

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