Drones Are Being Adopted In The Real Estate Industry

During an era in which the use of unmanned aerial devices is increasingly becoming an accepted tool in most industries, from agriculture to entertainment, local businesspeople are significantly investing in the use of drones in their operations. Not until recently had drone technology advanced to an extent where it became viable for Tennessee’s Aerial Innovations team to use drones for its commercial real estate photography.

The cameras used in drones have gone through a series of advancements and have now become smaller. Their stabilizing tools have improved, while the technology used in flying the drones has also been developed to the point where firms can now produce high-resolution video footage for users, who are primarily in the real estate and construction industries.

According to the owner of Aerial Innovations, Wendy Whittemore, most of their clients want to see every little detail about the piece of land that their building is situated on. However, real estate crews continue to use helicopters for much of their photography work, particularly at higher altitudes where drones are considered to be less reliable or are restricted by law from flying.

Nevertheless, drones have opened new opportunities for real estate companies and the real estate photography industry. For instance, a client constructing a high-rise building downtown can use a drone to shoot a video showing the city skyline. This would allow potential buyers to get an accurate idea of what the view from the building is like.

The technology is thus a positive, innovative step for the state. Tennessee is working towards providing an environment that boosts innovation and inspires people to invest more in research and development. The state has a sizeable entrepreneurial culture that could definitely take advantage of drone innovation.

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