Deep-Tech Startup Sinergy Flow Secures €1.8M to Expand R&D for Redox Flow Batteries

Based in Milan, Italy, Sinergy Flow has secured €1.8 million from an investment round to support their R&D efforts. The deep-tech startup is addressing the need for low-cost, high-efficiency flow batteries. 

The round was led by French Italian venture capital firm 360 Capital which invested through Poli360 fund, in partnership with Politecnico di Milano, and A+360, a fund dedicated to energy transition in collaboration with A2A. The round was also followed by Tech4Planet, the National Technology Transfer Pole for Sustainability established on the initiative of CDP Venture Capital SGR through the Technology Transfer Fund. 

Energy production is a key culprit for greenhouse gas emissions. To meet decarbonisation targets, restructuring the entire production, storage, and distribution of electricity will be essential. Sinergy Flow has been developing their energy storage technologies for exactly this purpose. So far, they have achieved a redox flow battery based on earth abundant and low-cost materials, fully compliant with Circular Economy principles.

Through extensive R&D, the company has found the use of sulphur effectively makes their supply-chain free from geopolitical oligopoly without compromising the performance of the battery. This freedom opens new market opportunities and favours the independence of energy communities.

The startup intends to use the investment to expand its team and pursue R&D activities, validating the technology in a relevant environment, scaling the device, and preparing for mass production in the coming years.

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