ScarponiMotorcycles Unveils Innovative Electric Bike Range

ScarponiMotorcycles, an Italian startup, has unveiled its electric mini-bike range after months of R&D. The range includes a trio of minibikes that seeks to inject some fun into the mini-bike scene. This move comes in an effort to make a name for itself in the rapidly growing electric motorcycle industry.

The range includes: the SP-Rinascita, SC-Density, and the CR-Gravity. All three bikes are designed with Scarponi’s Virtual Switch System (VSS) which consists of an energy regeneration system that uses the bike’s electric motor as a generator and battery charging system while simultaneously powering the bike. User’s will be in control of this as they can toggle and adjust how much energy can flow through the battery.

The company is no stranger to innovation. They have developed and implemented a range of patents into standard systems in addition to designing their own bikes. This innovation and R&D have been fueled by the mission of producing a professional vehicle with excellent results, performance, and speed. 

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