Drones and Smart Irrigation Systems Boost Farming Production in Colorado

In recent times in Colorado, technology is finding its way from the urban centers to the rural farmland. Key innovations in agriculture are boosting farmers’ activities – from using their resources more efficiently to increasing their yields. Dr. Greg Graff of Colorado State University said that the technological advancements in agriculture in the last half of the century have doubled the production capabilities of the state.

In the state of Colorado, smart irrigation systems and drones have been adopted to change the way crops are planted, maintained and even harvested. Moreover, these agriscience tools facilitate an increased rate of efficiency, especially with regards to pest and disease control, water use and fertilization. Before the adoption of technologies like drones, farmers would estimate the health of their farms through the inspection of a small sample of the field. This was inefficient and could result in the loss of huge portions of crops. However, with the modern innovative projects in the state, farmers have better control of their properties. Drones can analyze the entire field, identify specifically where the problems are and farmers can therefore take the appropriate action before yields are spoilt.

The smart irrigation systems are being installed through an active collaboration between Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education educators and farmers in Colorado. Through these, farmers are able to customize their watering schedule and monitor soil conditions, plant water and even evaporation rates. This has an overflow effect as weeds and disease are also reduced through these practices due to the water being distributed directly to the roots, which minimizes the amount of water that builds up on the surface. Additionally, sensors are coupled with the irrigation systems and integrated with smartphones. Farmers can therefore control their crops with their personal devices.

Initiatives like drone technology and smart irrigation systems are helping to revolutionize the farming industry in Colorado. As technology gets better and better, it will be exciting to see the difference that future developments make to the sector.

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