Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobias in Colorado

Virtual reality therapy is an innovative concept that has been found to have the potential to deal with common phobias in Colorado. It works by exposing the patients to their fears. After an estimated 20 years of research and development, the technology is finally reaching the mainstream platform and is proving to be effective.

Dick Tracey is a patient that is receiving the virtual reality therapy for his phobia of heights. Through this new technology, he was able to ride an elevator that looked the same as in reality. It looked so real that he fell onto his knees. However, he was able to face his fear remembering that it was only in virtual reality and is on the verge of healing. It is therefore evident that virtual reality could end up helping many patients that have a broad range of phobias. In addition to the health benefits, the new technology is quite affordable and more consumer focused. As such, over time, there is the possibility of patients treating themselves at home considering the rise of gaming platforms and concepts with regards to virtual reality. Virtual reality exposure therapy is considered a streamlined version of exposure therapy due to its flexibility. It can be dispensed to a huge number of people globally through the Internet.

Virtual reality technology was initially intended to benefit gamers. However, after a long period of research and innovation, this technology has been extended to industries such as the health sciences where it holds the potential to heal many conditions through therapy. It is applicable to many types of patients, from children dealing with anxiety to adults dealing with spider phobias. It is a positive innovative step to the residents of Colorado and the surrounding communities.

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