Perfeggt to Launch Vegan Eggs Made From Fava Beans

Perfeggt, a Berlin-based food technology company, has developed a vegan egg ready to compete with chicken eggs for flavour and nutritional value. The plant-based liquid alternative is formulated with fava beans and other plant proteins and lipids. Food testing has shown these eggs fry in a pan just like traditional scrambled eggs and omelettes. They intend to launch the new product in early 2022 in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria by further expansion within Europe.

Perfeggt was inspired by their love for eggs and the environment. While eggs are one of the more sustainable protein sources, many egg farms are built without sustainable practices and have incredible impacts on the environment. A plant-based alternative would shorten the supply chain and improve the impact without losing out on flavour or texture. In fact, they achieved less land, less water, and less greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional chicken eggs.

This innovation came together with the expertise of food science experts and data-driven technology. Through extensive research, the company has tested endless plant-based proteins and lipids to replicate the exceedingly complex multifunctional and versatile characteristics of an egg and its indistinguishable taste.

Last month, Perfeggt successfully closed its first financing round of more than $2.8 million in support of its chickenless egg product. Backers include leading AgriFood investors from around the world such as EVIG Group, Stray Dog Capital, E²JDJ, Tet Ventures, Good Seed Ventures, Sustainable Food Ventures and Shio Capital—some of which are early investors in global companies such as vegan meat brand Beyond Meat and plant-based seafood company Good Catch.

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