Vision Loss Assistance in Your Pocket: Dallas Locals are Testing

Image Source: OrCam Media

“I haven’t been able to see even very large print for 20 years” says Neva Fairchild.

Neva Fairchild, a worker from the American Foundation for the Blind’s Center on Vision Loss, suffers with vision loss herself. Also, she manages Esther’s Place, a full designed apartment assisting and making lives easier for people with vision loss. This Dallas location has given comfort to many lives and now calling home to a new product.  The OrCam MyEye is a mounting device for a pair of glasses to assist on daily tasks. In addition, this incredible technology consists of a tiny camera, earpiece, and a clip to the base.

This trending gadget only reads text, but not script, and looks to integrate it the future.

Uniquely, it is as easy as pointing to the text, and the camera will scan and voice respond the words. Having said, The OrCam MyEye allows up to 150 products into its storage and even includes facial recognition.

” Now I know who just entered the room…usually they are required to say something” states Fairchild.  With 100 memorable facial recognitions, users feel at ease identifying  individuals out in public or even at work.

Finally, the product  detects money and different amounts, making shopping and bank trips a breeze.  Therefore, the MyEye wants vision loss patients get back to their daily habits lifting stress off their shoulders.

Currently, the MyEye costs $3500, and Medicare seeks to potentially aid with costs. Unfortunately, at the moment, private insurance does not cover this product.

Currently, research and development for vision loss, is growing with companies investing millions to support.  Also, if you are involved advancing products like this  or simply have a start up, you might be eligible to qualify for R&D Credit.

Therefore, you may receive up to 14% on your expenses. To find out more, please contact a Swanson Reed R&D Specialist today.

Swanson Reed regularly hosts free webinars and provides free IRS CE credits as well as CPE credits for CPA’s.  For more information please visit us at or contact your usual Swanson Reed representative.



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