Wakening After the Texas Shooting: Apple’s Security

Source: Business Insider

Is Apple’s Security on Its Devices Really Effective?

Unexpectedly, this past Sunday, America lost 26 innocent lives to the shooting in  Sutherland Springs’s church in Texas. After the chaos, the shooter, Devin P. Kelley’ iPhone is found. Hence, brought attention to security and technological issues. After the shooting, the FBI finds difficulty in retrieving any information. Finally, Apple steps in to give a helping hand.

Apple said that it was “shocked and saddened” by the shooting and that it works with law enforcement every day.

Having said, Apple also provides daily support to users for customization in personal security. Over the years Apple innovates new and improved ways to protect user’s information.

However, after the FBI’s news conference on Tuesday, Apple immediately reached a hand out to unlock the phone.  There is still no word on any information from this act.

After retrieving the gunman’s phone, the FBI passed the 48 hour Touch ID function time frame to unlock the phone. From this, they needed Apple’s expertise. In situations like this, law enforcement’s tools and resources need to be ready to retrieve any information.

Recently, Apple’s iPhone X with a new security feature ” Face ID” where invisible facial recognition will protect users. Apple is also charging hundreds more because of the difficulties of individually manufacturing its advanced features. Also, because of its recent launch and delivery on November 3, 2017, there is not enough feedback on consumers’ experience. Apple’s research and development over the years in security has had a mix of reviews, and hopefully, the advancements will be an advantage to law enforcement and consumers.

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Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/08/technology/texas-gunman-iphone.html

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